All 21 Female Political Prisoners at Evin Now in Methadone Quarantine Ward Reserved For Hardcore Criminals & Drug Addicts

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - Kaleme: With the recent transfer of Nasrin Sotoudeh and Hengameh Shahidi, all female political prisoners at Evin prison are now being kept in the Methadone Quarantine Ward* reserved for criminals and drug addicts.

The 21 female political prisoners currently being held in the Methadone Quarantine Ward at Evin reserved for hardcore criminals and drug addicts are:

9 of the 21 prisoners held in ward for drug criminals9 of the 21 prisoners held in ward for drug criminals

1. Bahareh Hedayat
2. Nasrin Sotoudeh
3. Leyla Tavasoli
4. Atefeh Nabavi
5. Mahdieh Golroo
6. Nazanin Hassan Nia
7. Hengameh Shahidi
8. Fatemeh Darvish
9. Parvin Javad Zadeh
10. Aalieh Eghdam Doost
11. Hanieh Farshi Shotorban
12. Ladan Mostoufi
13. Sholeh Taaeb
15. Saha Rezvani
16. Sousan Tabyanian
17. Nazila Dashti
18. Farah Vazehan
19. Kefayat Malek Mohammadi
20. Zahra Jabari
21. Fatemeh Khoramjou

In November of last year, the female political prisoners at Evin were transferred from the female ward to a ward referred to as the "Methadone Ward", an enclosed area within the female ward where all prisoners are kept together in a very small area. It is worth mentioning that in other wards at Evin, prisoners are free to roam in the corridors and have access to an outdoor area for fresh air. These privileges are unfortunately NOT available to the female political prisoners being held in the Methadone Ward.

Translator's Note: The female Methadone Quarantine Ward at Evin prison is normally reserved for dangerous criminals, including prisoners who are addicts and use Methadone as treatment of narcotic withdrawal and dependence. The ward is a closed hall no longer than 30 - 50 meters and in the past prisoners have been allowed the use fresh air less than one hour per day.

Source & English Translation: Banooye Sabz